Hello! Perhaps you have been on our blog before or maybe this is your first time, welcome! It’s easy to browse photos and follow us on Instagram (shameless plug) but we want to share the pillars of the Timber Barn so we can be fully known.

The Timber Barn experience stems from understanding, product quality, service standards, exclusive access, and team ownership.

Here are our 6 Pillars:

#1 Involving Our Clients In The Design Process

The collaborative time spent with our clients is essential. It allows them to have a voice while they interact with our 3D designs as they share their vision. Our designers move clients through the space to observe storage and function while also discussing and dissecting each cabinet. We are able to make modifications right then and there to discuss alternative options in order to share our time efficiently while making confident decisions.

And that’s only the beginning!

#2 Top Quality Products

We confidently stand behind our product because we build to the highest standards in the industry. We use thicker cabinet structures, wood dovetail drawers, and soft closing hardware that carries a lifetime guarantee.

We are also proud to say that wherever possible, the wood we use is local, sourced from Ontario. Supporting local is a no-brainer for us. Enough said.

#3 Level Of Service

Our designers dig deep, asking many thought-provoking questions in order to craft the functionality and style that is uniquely you.

They also follow you through the project from start to finish. They oversee production, building at the Timber Barn shop, arrange installation and follow up so our clients can be sure that someone is taking diligent care of their project.

Our Timber Barn team, from production to installation, is meticulous about detail and we refuse to cut corners. This way we can confidently provide the best quality product to our clients every time.

“You can trust the integrity of a small company who stands behind our product and services.”


#4 Exclusive Timber Barn Products

We have a team of experts in multiple disciplines of woodworking and home design which allows us to complete your home from top to bottom. From exterior timber frame to multiple rooms full of custom cabinetry, we can also provide the finishing touches of custom furniture and décor. Our specialized team can bring your vision to life.

#5 We Take Pride In Our Work

It may sound cliché but our entire team, from production staff and designers to installers, love what we do because we take pride in what we offer our clients.

When people visit our showroom, we have heard them comment that it feels like home. Our welcoming space is a true testament to our passion for our work.

#6 Customer Satisfaction

We are not perfect but we strive to do our best every day.

They can build you what no one else can. They say they’ll make your reclaimed dreams come true and they mean it. Their tradesmen are very professional, knowledgeable and don’t cut corners. And they stand by their product.”

B. Smith


“As first-time renovators, we had no idea how to decide on who to trust with one of the most crucial elements, the kitchen cabinetry and woodwork. After speaking with a few companies and comparing costs, we were confident that Timber Barn was fairly priced and offered a competitive edge with their nature-inspired style, dedicated design team, and an approach that made us feel like their most important client!

From the initial design meetings (in our home and at the showroom), Shannon ensured that every decision we made was well-informed and to our liking. And when we weren’t sure, she provides her expert insight to guide us in the right direction. Seeing the vision in digital renderings allowed us to be comfortable approving each step, and Shannon was endlessly patient with our changes and adjustments along the way.

It’s a pleasure to work with a company that takes true pride in what they do, and are committed to ensuring the client is happy with the final product. We certainly couldn’t be happier with our main floor reno, and we went on to hire Timber Barn for some outdoor work too. Hope we have the opportunity to work with them again for future renos of other spaces in our home!”

Darryl & Sue
Guelph, ON


If you would like to meet our team got to our About page or visit us in our St. Jacobs showroom!

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