Your New Table:

Which Table Style Suits You?

Your dining room is where memories made. Think about times spent around the dinner table reconnecting with family after a long day, passing homemade stuffing, and clinking glasses. A dining room table crafted with care personifies long nights helping the kids with their homework, or sharing a morning coffee with friends.

At the Timber Barn, you will work with a member of our creative design team to build a custom table from locally reclaimed wood. Connect with one of our team and get started on your new table project today.

Parsons Tables

Parsons tables are modernist square or rectangle tables with four consistent, equal thickness legs. The straight, uniform lines help define the Parsons table, where the legs and top meet at precisely the same angles. Risers can be incorporated in the design to provide a modern, airy look by elevating the table slightly above the base.

Consider matching the modern shape and straight angles of a Parson table with a reclaimed wood top. Contrasted wood with a metal base to create a modern piece that still has a rustic feel.

Perfect for: matching contemporary with rustic, urban homes, and lofts.


 Pedestal Tables

Instead of four table legs, pedestal tables are supported through one base pedestal in the middle, or one on either end of the table for longer pieces.

Choose rustic, reclaimed lumber to create a table that is steeped in natural beauty and weathered history.

Perfect for: historic and craftsmen-style homes.


Harvest Tables

Harvest tables are four legged tables that include skirting. Harvest table skirting can even be accommodated to incorporate slide drawers to add a little extra storage to your space.

When selecting table legs, match the colour of the base to the top for a modern look, or contrast the legs and top with a two-tone style if you would like to tie together the various colours in your dining room.

Perfect for: a modern home with modern-style legs, a country home with a two-tone base.


Metal Base Tables

Metal tables mix the modern look of metal with a rustic, reclaimed wood top which can add a little history to any urban or modern piece. The metal of the base and wood of the top meet to create a rich contrast within the table itself

Perfect for: creating an urban look for any modern home or loft.


Trestle Tables

Trestle tables are composed of two or three trestle supports that are linked by a cross member over which the table top is placed.

Your choice of table base will inform the tone of your table. See below for some of your options, there are strengths to each the traditional, french ogee, and rustic 4×4.

Perfect for: cottage or country homes with a two-toned base, or modern homes with a 4×4 base.


Timberline Tables

Timberline tables use local, reclaimed wood that retain their natural edge that retains the maturity and character of the piece.

Timberline tables are multi-faceted, that can be incorporated into many of the tables listed above. You can learn more about our exotic line of live edge tables here.

Note: consider a hybrid glass top table to create a truly rustic finish and a one-of-a kind table.


The Timber Barn knows tables, and can work with you to create the table of your dreams. Connect with one of our designers when you visit our showroom in downtown St. Jacobs, and learn first-hand about the types of tables you can integrate into your home.

Want to meet our designers? Meet our designers online by reading their profiles.

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