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Saving Space With a Sliding Door

Sliding doors are trending right now. You can find them incorporated into many designs ranging from new builds to renovations. These unique space saving installations feature well in any home.

At the Timber Barn, you will work with professional and innovative designers to build and install quality custom sliding doors from local, reclaimed material. Speak with one of our designers to get started with your sliding door project.

blog-sliding-door-1Why Incorporate a Sliding Door?

Sliding doors are a great way to open up a room. Adding a sliding door to the exterior of your home is a great way to let some extra natural light into the room. An exterior sliding door made of glass with a custom timber frame will let the light in, give you a great view, and add a modern look to your home.

A sliding door works really well in interior spaces as well. Consciously uncouple from the idea that all rooms must be connected by a swinging door. These doors are ideal, especially for smaller rooms, and can be customized to suit any design need. Classic, rustic, and contemporary designs can all be accentuated by the perfect choice in a new sliding door.

Sliding doors are great for adding stylish, elegant design, while also improving the functionality of your living space, and adding a bit of character to your smaller rooms.

Tip: A small room can be made to feel more spacious thanks to smart design featuring sliding doors and wide doorways.

How Sliding Doors Save Space

Your sliding door will save space because it frees up the regular swing space taken up by other doors. This can offer up anywhere from 5 to 10 extra square feet that your room could use. Another great feature is that large sliding doors can act as room dividers which change the feel of a room in one simple slide.

Rustic Sliding Doors

If you feel that a more rustic look benefits the vibe of your house, wooden sliding doors make a great addition. A weathered, reclaimed barn door, like the ones pictured below, add that countrified flair to any home.


Modern Sliding Doors

You are not held back to your choice of material when it comes to selecting a new sliding door. For something a little more contemporary, consider glass or metal. Of course, wood is always a great choice, being very malleable to your needs. Take a look at the gallery below to see some other examples of space saving sliding doors.


The Timber Barn can create a custom sliding door, perfect for any space in your home. Connect with one of our designers when you visit our showroom in downtown St. Jacobs, and learn first-hand how you can save space in your home with the perfect sliding door.

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