Preparing Your Home for Selling Season

Five Ways to Improve the Value of Your Home
– And One Pitfall to Avoid

After a long winter, it is so refreshing to see the snow melt away and the first peek of green start to come back to our yards and gardens. As the weather starts to warm, does it also increase home buying fever? Experts say that yes, it does.

Yes, it is true, spring is the selling season when it comes to homeowners putting their houses on the market. Most buyers would prefer to move during warm weather, and if a family has young children, to be settled before a new school year begins. Conveniently, spring is also a great season to beautify your house for the market, as all the winter slush and grime has washed finally away.

At Timber Barn, you will work with a team of experts who can lead you through any stage of home redesign. Connect with one of our designers and find out how we can help you get your home ready for the market.

According to Forbes, April, May, and June usually account for about 40% of all home sales for the year. It is a great time of year to have your house on the market if you want it to move quickly – and competitively. 

If you are ready to sell, here are five projects to undertake – and one to avoid – to get you closer to getting your home up on the market.


The kitchen has the potential to be the central room in any home. The first step is to ensure that any appliances are in working condition.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation before selling, we cover some common kitchen layout mistakes you should avoid during a remodelling. 

Experts commonly agree on one thing when it comes to your kitchen upping the resale value of your home; and that is that spacious kitchens are worth more than small kitchens. However, there is some debate whether there is worth removing a kitchen island to create the extra space that is coveted.

Before you do a major removal project, take note of the extra storage that your kitchen island allows. Generally, we would err on the side of keeping (or adding) the island for the extra storage and food preparation space, as well as the aesthetic value that it brings to the room.



The most imperative piece of advice to consider when fixing your bathroom to sell your home is to ensure all the fixtures and foundations are working properly, and that that plumbing is in good shape.

There is reason to beautify the space, too. Adding new lighting fixtures, or adding a window to let more natural light in is a great way to increase the appeal of the room while also boosting the resale value.



While you might think that potential home buyers are paying more attention to your beautiful kitchen and bathroom upgrades, they still notice what they are walking on.

Most real estate pros recommend spending some money upgrading your flooring to increase the overall value of your home.

Timber Barn offers custom hardware flooring for our clients. With our selection of strong, natural, and solid hardwood flooring can offer an exciting, unique look for your home. Timber Barn can make or match any style, width, or flooring colour. 

Hardwood floors especially hold their value – so even if selling is a few years away, upgraded hardwood flooring is here to stay.



They might not admit it, but people make up their minds quickly when it comes to how they feel about a house. By creating a great first impression, you create a scenario for any potential buyer to love the home you have built.

Assorted Doors – Timber Barn

This starts with the front entry way. A solid wood front door creates a stunning first impression for anyone seeing your home for the first time.



To add to the great first impression created by a wonderful front door, extend your care to your outdoor property. There is always demand for outdoor recreation spaces that create a desirable atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy their property.

Adding a timber accent frame, an outdoor patio, or a deck are a great way to increase curb appeal and add value to your home.



Many people assume that when they are ready to sell their home, that a swimming pool will increase the value. While this is true at face value, there are a lot of factors to consider before you put in an in-ground pool.

When you add the cost of installation, the increased energy costs, and the extra premium to your homeowners insurance, you are unlikely to recoup the costs spent on the installation and maintenance that a pool adds to the sticker price of your home.

If you plan to be in your home for a few more years, and you will make great use of it, a pool makes a great addition to you home. Consider one for its personal value, as opposed to its resale value.


Timber Barn is your number one support when it comes to renovation and redesign. We can help you when it is time to get your home ready this selling season. Visit us at our showroom in downtown St. Jacobs to speak with one of creative team members.

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