At the Timber Barn, our goal is to create reclaimed furniture for your home and heirlooms for your family.  If you love our furniture and/or showroom accessories and would like to set up a registry we are pleased to offer our Timber Barn registry to make your space feel like home.

We’ve created our furniture and merchandise registry service so that gift givers can purchase something truly meaningful and memorable for their loved ones. The gift of reclaimed timber furniture is one that couples and families will be able to cherish for a lifetime.


How It Works

Our furniture and decor registry is a special service we offer to clients who have selected a custom product or registered items with the Timber Barn. Once they have solidified their picks we supply them with all of the information they need to share their registry with family and friends! We provide beautiful “We’re registered at” cards to be included in shower invitations and passed along to family and friends.  You can even share your registry on Facebook, Twitter, by email or on your personal wedding website or blog.

Gift givers may also be encouraged to contribute a gift certificate which they can purchase from our Timber Barn showroom in downtown St. Jacobs.


How To Create Your Own Registry

  1. Order your custom reclaimed furniture or list your decor from the Timber Barn design experts and pay your retainer (for furniture) to secure the order.
  2. The Timber Barn will then provide your own personalized registry page and print cards for you to distribute.
  3. You can also share with family and friends by email, Facebook, Twitter and if you have a personal wedding website or blog add a link there too!

If you are looking to purchase a gift certificate, please visit our Timber Barn showroom in downtown St. Jacobs.

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