Getting To Know Reclaimed Band Sawn Elm

The Timber Barn prides itself on building custom pieces with locally sourced reclaimed timber. This article is an opportunity for you to see how one kitchen has made use of band sawn elm in a variety of ways.

Reclaimed band sawn elm is the wood collected from inside barn beams and has been popularized for it’s interlocking grain, and therefore resistance to splitting.

In this kitchen the rougher boards from the outside of the beam make up the waterfall top which is sealed with epoxy for a smooth finish.

The outer boards on the beams are too rough to use to make functional cabinet doors or the finer cabinetry components so this island was the perfect solution to use the inside material and achieve cohesive wood tones throughout the kitchen.

If you have any more questions about our reclaimed cabinetry please contact our team. Otherwise, visit our portfolio to see more pictures from this kitchen.

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