Our metal base dining tables are constructed by hand, with tops made from local reclaimed lumber. A rich contrast forms between the rustic wood and steel base, creating a distinctly urban look that adds history to any modern home or loft.


Our metal base tables are crafted from industrial grade stainless steel in your choice of shape and finish. We use 2-inch, 8-gauge steel for our bases.

Each table is made by hand, so we can customize the design and size to suit your home, including smaller dining tables for lofts and condos.

We use single tubes of steel bent into the correct shape for your table base, reducing the amount of welds for a stronger base.

Your table can be raised off the metal platform to increase the lightness of the appearance.

Quality construction that minimizes visible seams and welds for a visually sharp edge.


Our metal bases are designed for modern homes, coming in several styles (including custom shapes).

In some metal base designs, the bases can be removed for easy transportation. If you have narrow hallways, please let us know and we can assemble your table on-site.

The powder-coated matte black base gives nice contrast to the warm tones in most of our woods.

The stainless steel base fits into most modern homes.

The stainless steel base fits into most modern homes.


Metal base tables are generally fixed in length. If you anticipate the need for additional seating, we recommend purchasing a bench in addition to chairs to squeeze that extra person into the same area.

Metal base tables can have end-leaves, but our designs require a 4-inch wood skirt to be built under the table top to hold and hide the hardware.


Ordering a 6-foot table rolls off the tongue better than, say, 77-inches – but changing your table length by just that little bit can be the difference between fitting in that extra chair or having your guests eat the kids table. If you already have chairs, please provide us with the width (measured at the widest point), to ensure we can fit the optimum number in. Don’t have chairs yet? We make those, too.


With metal tables we recommend our shaker-style chair and metal-base benches. Our solid oak shaker chairs start at just $275 and benches from $600.

Chairs are available in arm or side chairs designs, one or two-tone stains, colour-matched or in a contrast colour to your table.


Come see how we have bought local wood back to life. Visit us in downtown St. Jacobs to speak to a specialist and order your custom table.

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