With over 25 years experience in the finishing industry, Debbie Friest, our Table and Cabinetry Manager in the Elmira shop is no stranger to the finishing industry.

While Debbie is known province-wide, even she has been able to learn a lot in her year and a half as a member of the team. Working with the rest of our designers in the shop, Debbie has been able to pick up a whole host of new finishing techniques to expand her knowledge and take her work to the next level.

timber-barn-staff-debbieThe team and environment at the Timber Barn are some of Debbie’s favourite parts of her job. Being part of an organization that actively encourages the staff to get creative and to work with a group of design minded people makes Timber Barn an excellent place to work.

While she’s been known in the finishing industry for years, Debbie came into it completely by accident simply by covering a leave by a coworker. She was asked to stay on the team, and stuck with the industry since. While it started as a job, Debbie loves the field, as it is a chance to do something creative. With over 25 years of experience, her wonderful reputation extends province-wide.

The Timber Barn creates so many new and unique products, that Debbie suggests anyone can see something new at the Timber Barn. The talented designers have found truly unique and creative ways to build new products, and it is obvious that the team really care about the pieces they create – from start to finish.

Preview some of the pieces produced by our Elmira shop in our Timber Barn showroom. Located in downtown St. Jacobs, take a look at what 25 years in the industry can produce.

Get to know the rest of our team online.

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