Style Merges With Function:

Timber Frame Features In Your Home

A timber frame feature is all about dichotomy, it is the exoskeleton of your home and a well placed feature that can offer a simplistic beauty to show off the strength of your home. At its essence, a timber frame feature craftily merges style with function.

You have a lot of choice when it comes to your timber frame. Are you looking for a rough, weathered look, or a smooth finish? Maybe you want a warmer wood to offset cooler tones in your home, or vice versa. When you gaze into your dream home, ask yourself, is it time to integrate a timber frame in your home?

At the Timber Barn expect to work with professional and innovative in-house designers to design, build, and install quality box beam accents from handpicked local material. Alongside the same design team, we will develop your custom joint construct based on your unique space and style. Speak with one of our designers regarding local, reclaimed wood opportunities.

In this article we are breaking down the barriers of all things timber frame so you can solidify your needs.

Exterior Timber Frames

Timber frame elements can be integrated into any home exterior generate a striking allure. Practically speaking, it can also offer shelter in outdoor entertaining space or engage guests in your front entrance. Lastly, real estate agents have also concluded that this addition to curb appeal is a great asset as you establish your home value. 


Tip: As do other exterior elements, the timber frame will require some maintenance to keep it looking clean and new. Maintenance review should be done at least once per year in order to keep your frame in pristine shape.

Interior Timber Frames

An interior timber frame can generate a rustic-touch in your home. Soft, natural materials can create a primitive tone in a home, especially those in contemporary and modern homes. Imagine tonal contrast between the soft lightness of a wood mingling with a hard granite.

Timber fame has been integrated to all rooms in the home from dining and entertaining space to bathrooms and walking closets. This feature is able to create continuity throughout your home and display the brilliance of high ceilings.


Tip: When it comes to interior work, the sky is the limit! Faux beams can be made from virtually any type of wood to mesh with the design of any home. Cherry, oak, maple, and even some more exotic wood textures can all be used to great effect in an interior timber frame.

Whether you are building a home or redesigning your space, visit the Timber Barn showroom in downtown St. Jacobs to look through our timber frame section, and connect with one of our Timber Frame designers.

Have you met our designers? Meet our designers online by reading their profiles.

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