Making Your Home Market Ready

Preparing Your Home for the Real Estate Market

We are at the beginning of the spring selling season – where most homes are put on the market, and the lion’s share of closings happen. Spring is a great time to have a home on the market to ensure a quick sale for good value.

While you may be getting ready to sell, your home might still have some projects that need finishing before it is truly ready to hit the market.

Do you have some projects that you need to wrap up before your home is ready for the market? Connect with a member of our design team and find out how we can help raise the value of your home before you sell.

You might not be ready to sell just yet, but it never hurts to be thinking about projects that will raise the value of the property. Starting early means you have time to enjoy the fruits of your labour before you sell!

Hire An Expert

Find a local pro (realtor, designer, or inspector) who can walk through your home with you and point out the best areas for you to focus on while you prepare your home for sale. They will be up to date on industry trends and can identify key projects to undertake that will improve value and increase the speed of sale.


Making a Great First Impression

A beautifully landscaped yard is the first thing a potential home buyer will see. Take care to ensure that the lawn and gardens are kept up, and any dead plants are replaced with new greenery.

Further add to the curb appeal by upgrading your front door or by adding a custom timber frame to your lot. These additions can help create a first impression for you home that is anything but ordinary.

From structural and architectural to decorative faux timber frames, Timber Barn has become a leading expert in this field of custom woodworking. Faux beams can be created using virtually any type of wood. Connect with our designers to learn more about integrating a custom timber frame in your home.

A good looking yard helps endear potential home buyers to the property because they will be able to fantasize about time spent outdoors in a space that is already beautifully cultivated.


Maintain the Green You Already Have

Actively maintain the exterior of your home. By following a spring cleaning checklist each year, you can guarantee the maintenance of gardens, windows, and walls so that you do not have to do a major deep clean and maintenance when you are ready to sell.

HGTV has a great spring cleaning checklist for the exterior of your home here.


Timber Barn has developed a great reputation in the field of custom woodworking, and our passion for the work is truly reflected in the pieces we produce. If you are thinking of adding some custom wood framing to your home, allow us to show you the care and passion we have for each project. Visit our showroom in downtown St. Jacobs to meet one of our talented designers and see how we can help realize your perfect vision.

Want to get to know our team? Meet our designers online!

Where would you integrate a timber frame into your home? Let us know in the comments.

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