Our reclaimed wood harvest dining tables are built-by hand from rustic, reclaimed lumber. Encased in epoxy, your table is both protected from wear-and-tear and a showcase to the natural beauty and history weathered into the beautiful barn boards that make up our table tops.


Our reclaimed wood Harvest tables are designed with a classical shape that can adapt to various homes. Harvest tables are built with a 2-inch thick, reclaimed wood top, solid wood skirting, and solid wood double-bolted legs.

We build each table by hand, so the design of your harvest table can be customized to suit your home. For example, in a modern home we’d recommend modern-style legs, colour matched to your table top. In a country home, we’d suggest a two-tone base and turned legs.

Our harvest tables can be built with up to two 22-inch deep, solid wood smooth glide drawers.

When you have additional guests, Harvest tables can be extended with up to two 18-inch end-leaves, increasing your table’s length by up to 3 feet.

We build our tables by hand with classical construction methods. Our tables are made to last for generations.


The four legs are the defining feature of our harvest table design. Choosing the right leg style for your harvest table is important and changes the entire look of the table. We offer five styles of legs, all of which are made from solid-wood. We use double-bolt installation to keep the legs sturdy over time (no wobbly, wonky tables).

The legs on your harvest table can be removed, making the harvest table a great design if you have narrow hallways to get through, or are planning to move.

You can choose to have your table base and table top be colour-matched for a modern look.

Your table can be made with a contrast-colour base, giving you a two-tone look. This is a great way to link together various colours in your room.


Harvest tables have an adaptable look, and are great for formal seating arrangements. If you need to occasionally squish extra guests in, we recommend purchasing a bench instead of chairs. The benefit of a custom-made table is that we can match the length of your table to fit your desired amount of chairs comfortably. We make chairs, too.

Wondering where to store your end leaves? Depending on the length of your table, we can build a carriage to hold one leaf underneath. For something extra, we can make legs to use your end leaf as a side or coffee table while it’s not in use. 


With harvest tables we recommend our farm house deep seat chairs. Our solid maple farm house chairs start at just $275 each. Looking for something else? We have 14 chair styles to choose from (and benches, too).

Chairs are available in arm or side chairs designs, one or two-tone stains, colour-matched or in a contrast colour to your table.


Come see how we have bought local wood back to life. Visit us in downtown St. Jacobs to speak to a specialist and order your custom table.

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