Hardwood Floors:

Preventing Wear & Tear

Making a statement with a brand new custom designed hardwood floor is the easy part. The question becomes: how do you keep your hardwood floors looking new?

At the Timber Barn, you will work with our creative design team to start your custom flooring project with locally sourced, reclaimed wood. Connect with a member of our flooring and moulding department and start designing the floor of your dreams.

Follow these tips and you can keep your hardwood floors shining as brightly as the day they were installed.

Cleaning Your Floors


The first step in taking care of your floors is giving them a pass over with a quick to remove the dust and dirt particles that contribute to the scratching of your floor. Vacuuming about once a week is recommended, if you have the necessary attachments for hardwood floors


Light Mopping

After you have given your floors a quick passover with the vacuum, it is time to make them sparkle and shine with a mop.

Dampen the mop and wring it out completely, mopping in the direction of the wood grain. Replace mop water as it gets too dirty.

Avoid using a mop that is dripping with water. If you spill, dry the surface off immediately.


Preventing Damage To Your Floors

Over time, especially in high traffic rooms, your floors will experience wear and tear. There are a few ways you can prevent this from happening.

Two of the biggest factors that will damage your floors are your pets and your footwear. To significantly reduce the amount of scuffs and scratches on your floor, remove your shoes when at home, and keep your animals nails neatly trimmed.

For areas that are especially high traffic, such as in doorways or in front of sinks, place cotton mats down for protection. Cotton, as opposed to a rubber or vinyl are the best kinds of material to use, as it will not trap moisture underneath. Make sure to clean under mats often to protect from scratches from trapped debris.

Add felt protectors to table and furniture legs to help prevent scuffing and scratches. When moving furniture, if possible, lift and move each piece into place as opposed to sliding across your hardwood floors.

If your floors are in large, sunny areas, close your curtains during the day. A lot of natural light beaming on your floor can lead to discolouration.


The Timber Barn design team can custom build any style of hardwood flooring tailored to your needs. Locally sourced timber from the Timber Barn brings character and rich history create a conversation piece for you home. Meet with one of our designers on your next visit to the Timber Barn showroom in downtown St. Jacobs to learn more.

Want to meet our designers? Reading their profiles.

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