Strong, natural and solid hardwood flooring can make a dynamic statement in any home. At the Timber Barn we can discuss custom-manufacturing for almost any style of hardwood flooring.

At the Timber Barn, we provide elite flooring with a circular saw texture on white oak and other random woods to give your home an authentic, rustic floor – pre-finished. You can expect to achieve a reclaimed flooring style with raw character and the ability to customize specifications to your taste.

The high-tech moulding process gives the Timber Barn the ability to design custom machine moulding profiles to match any project. Choose from one of our many stock moulding profiles or we can develop custom moulding styles appropriate to your unique style.

 Custom Hardwood Flooring

The Timber Barn can make or match any style, width or flooring colour.

Specializing in unique wood flooring from reclaimed, weathered barn boards and threshing floors from Southern Ontario farms. This local timber brings character to your home and a conversation piece with rich history.

Our product selection offers unique, wide plank flooring with multi-width variations within the same floor. This allows us to offer a modern design while they utilize maximum yield which is both cost-effective for our clients and environmentally-friendly.


Timber Leif Hardwood Floors

Ayr Heritage Kitchen

Georgetown Cottage-Style Kitchen