The Timber Barn develops unique products based on the custom requests of our clients. At our location in downtown St. Jacobs we engineer elite tables that are also easy to maintain. The following features make this possible:

Waterpoof finish

The epoxy finish applied to our tables seals in the wood and consequently the table dries completely waterproof. Because of this, your table is protected from spills, stains, and unwanted marks. In fact, you’ll never have to use a coaster again.

Easy to clean

Our tables are waterproof, making them are easy to clean with simply soap and water. Stains and grime do not stick to the surface and fabric cloths won’t catch since the wood is protected by the epoxy finish.

Durable topcoat

Our topcoat protects your table with superior durability and wearability. With exceptional resistance to heat, moisture, and household chemicals, your table is built to last generations.

Environmentally friendly epoxy

We only zero-VOC epoxy to seal our tables. We are committed to using the safest products for the environment, our employees, and most importantly, your family.

Matte sheen

We use a soft-gloss, matte sheen topcoat on our tables. This highlights the character of the historic, reclaimed wood but doesn’t display as many marks as a high-gloss finish.

Smooth to the touch

We flood the surface of pressure washed reclaimed barn floors with 100% solids epoxy. This fills all fissures and cracks in the wood with a clear, solid finish. It’s both practical and visually stunning.

If you wish to learn more about our tables or place a custom order, stop by the Timber Barn and speak with one of our experts.

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