Do you dream of large kitchens? Picture an open space featuring a big farmhouse sink, a beautiful stainless steel fridge, a spacious island featuring cooktop stove, a wall oven or two stacked on each other, and of course, lots and lots of storage space.

Wait, let’s back up. Is a cooktop stove right for you? A cooktop is a heating element built right in to your counter and usually paired with a separate wall oven. This is versus a traditional range stove which includes the oven and burner elements all in one appliance.

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So, will a cooktop find a home in your new kitchen? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of a cooktop vs a range stove.


Not all stovetops are created equal. There are a variety of energy sources you can use to power your cooktop. Here are our two favourites:

Induction cooktops are quite the improvement from your traditional electric cooktops. To heat, it uses a magnetic field, which means that your cookware has to be magnetic to be able to function on this surface. The cost of replacing your cookware may not be part of your renovation budget.

The good news is that it offers a really efficient heat source. Induction cooking can boil a pot of water in just a minute or two which can really save on energy costs. The field creates a very even heat distribution on the element that doesn’t spill over to the rest of the surface. You won’t have to worry about accidentally brushing the stovetop with your hand – you won’t feel a thing!

Gas cooktops offer great temperature control. Many chefs swear by their gas cooktops and you might too if you’re a culinary wizard in the kitchen. If you cook a lot of complicated recipes that need very specific heating instructions, a gas cooktop may be what you’re looking for. The other advantage over induction cooktops is that you’re free to use your preexisting cookware, with one exception. You can’t use cast-iron cookware on your flattop gas stovetops.

Cooktop 1


Having a cooktop that is separate can give you a lot more range and flexibility in the kitchen. Do you like to cook solo, or prefer an “all hands on deck” style where each family member prepares  something? A cooktop gives you the option to steam some vegetables or fry up something delicious, while your partner fusses over the roast – all without getting in each other’s space.

Cooktop 3


How big is your kitchen? This is the major deciding factor when it comes to the cooktop vs. range debate. A large kitchen smartly designed around the need for a cooktop and a wall oven (or two!) makes a great space for entertaining lots of guests, without tripping over each other when it comes to cooking. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, you may not have the real estate to comfortably fit both without eating into your storage space in a major way.

Cooktop 2


A full range stove with cooktop and oven are great for when you’re doing solo cooking. Remember the kitchen triangle? The imaginary lines between your sink, your fridge, and your cooking surfaces. Experts recommend keeping a close eye on this triangle when renovating. Place the objects too far from each other, and you’ll exhaust yourself when preparing a meal. Place them too close, however, and you may find yourself tripping over the other people in the kitchen with you. Will having two separate units to prepare hot food disrupt your flow? If so, stick with the range stove.

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Rnage 2


As mentioned before, creating two separate cooking spaces is great if preparing meals are a communal activity in your home. With a wall oven and separate cooktop, everyone will be able to do their part without tripping over each other in the process. Having just the range stove means that while you’re checking on the Thanksgiving turkey, you may be disturbing the person preparing the perfect gravy and mashed potatoes to go with your meal.

Range 1

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What style of stove fits best in your dream kitchen? Let us know in the comments!

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