Why are homeowners so attracted to open shelving?

The short answer is that it gives the kitchen a more expansive, open vibe, and allows access to essential items. It provides the opportunity to display decorative dishes, glassware, collectables and/or favourite decor. Not to mention, freshening things up and having the luxury of changing your shelf items around based on the season.

They Look Great!

Compliment your cabinetry and add depth with inventive shelving for your space. These are some examples of how Timber Barn kitchens have integrated creative yet functional shelving in these kitchens.

Never write-off the upper cabinet spaces that are hard to make use of because sometimes the better option is to exchange upper cabinets for shelves. Consider what we did in Wilmont Mid-Century Modern Kitchen.

They Are Practical Too!

Not only are open shelves attractive but they can also be functional. Whether it benefits your foggy brain first thing in the morning as you grab a coffee, or you’re rushing out the door with your hands full, whenever you need a quick grab consider this a benefit of the shelf.

Practically speaking you can store everyday items in a handy place for a busy kitchen. Some have even said that open shelves offer a little more storage space because they do not have any vertical dividers.

It’s your turn now. What would/do you put on your kitchen shelves?

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