When it comes to choosing the appliance lineup in your kitchen, there are a few options for you to consider. One trend that is flooding the design scene is the presence of built-in and integrated appliances.

Built-in and integrated appliances both share in their ability to produce a cohesive appearance in your kitchen. Due to this, they are often confused with one another. Do you know the difference?


Built-In Appliances:

Built-in appliances are sometimes called, “Slide-Ins,” and they are flush with the cabinets and countertops, unlike freestanding units. This offers a sleek aesthetic without awkward empty spaces. With that being said, built-in appliances are not entirely hidden instead, they stay in character with the cabinetry.

In some of our kitchens, clients have chosen to overlay cabinetry with a fitted panel to match the cabinet design.

With built-in appliances, features such as mental trim, handles, hinges and venting can still be seen.

Wall ovens and lower cabinet microwaves offer ergonomic benefits. Built-in appliances are also efficiently fitted to free up more floor and counter space with the option to cook with both electric and gas. (An example would be installing an electric wall oven and a gas cooktop.)

Integrated Appliances:

Contrary to built-in appliances, integrated appliances are crafted to disappear with all components unnoticeably tucked in the cabinetry.

Typically refrigerators and dishwashers are fully integrated thanks to the professional installation of custom panels, hinges and/or hardware required for the complete transformation. Notably, there are no visible compressor vents and they are built with an inset door enabling the appliance to sit flush with surrounding cabinetry.

To each their own. Let’s hear what you have or dream of having one day in your kitchen. Feel free to comment below!

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