While attending Interior Design Show our design team took advantage of several leading-edge seminars that are offered by industry experts. The seminar that inspired this blog post around building the kitchen of the future discussed a study in collaboration with experts in design, culinary, sociology, and gerontology that examined the needs and function of the kitchen of the future.

Here are some of the themes that resonated with us:

Food Cycle Awareness

In order to ensure there’s enough to feed our planet, there must be a global shift in our knowledge of how we use food more effectively and handle waste appropriately.

Recent appliance innovation is curbing food waste by utilizing fridges that actively monitor its contents. We can expect new technology that will track what comes in and out to keep a record of when food will perish, and suggest recipes prior to expiration. Soon enough we hope it will also generate our grocery list and have it delivered! Anyone else?!

According to the experts, it will also become more important to look at what we are eating and how we are handling our foods for our own health and the health of the planet. Canada’s new food guide is a prime example of a more globally sustainable diet. This could be a shock to the system for the die-hard carnivore in your life!


Additionally, composting and shopping with reusable storage bags by avoiding heavily packaged food items is also being actively encouraged. Zero waste grocery stores are popping up in cities around the country.

Collectively these solutions could make a huge impact on our resources and waste management.


Haute-Cuisine & Culture

Many of us are being influenced in the kitchen by world-class chefs, using new ingredients from around the globe. Whether we are watching Top Chef from the sofa or streaming YouTube clips on the countertop, our society is gaining healthy eating awareness and growing an appreciation for our food’s roots. It’s all about doing whatever it takes to bring family members together in the kitchen and make a positive nutritional and environmental impact on the next generation!


Accessibility In The Kitchen

All over the world, multi-generational families are sharing space under the same roof. As a result, technology is progressing which allows kitchens to be made more comfortable to accommodate all ages and abilities.

Streamlining Technology

Connectivity is becoming more and more relevant in new and renovated homes. In addition to the smart fridge, appliances and homes are being integrated with sensors. They can identify if something is leaking or malfunctioning as soon as it starts, by sending alerts to the homeowners or disconnecting power to prevent further damage.

Here are more great innovations in small appliances that are making their way into our home:

  • 3 in 1 microwave, oven, and steamer
  • Boiling water from the tap
  • Sous vide
  • Thermomix – 23 functions in one


Heartfelt Heritage

Alongside developing technology, we are also seeing a heartfelt emphasis on the value of heritage, diversity and craftsmanship in kitchens. At the Timber Barn, we partner with local Mennonites and Amish businesses, use quality, local material, obsess about attention to detail, create collaborative innovative designs and install with precision and integrity.

Our design team is passionate about designing spaces with harmonizing purpose, progression, and of course, beautiful composition. If you would like to learn more about our team and our kitchen design process check out this link!

How do you see kitchens being built for the future? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


Feature photo by Katie Smith.

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