Practical features to make the kitchen accessible for everyone.

A kitchen with children can be chaotic. It often becomes a central meeting point or a place to spread out school work. Everyday the whole family passes through – even the pets!

We build kitchens everyday and install features with the growing family in mind. Here are some examples:

Two-Tier Drawers

Share utensil real estate with two-tier cutlery drawers.

Pantry Organization

Organization and access work together in this custom pantry.

Refrigerator Wall Storage

Make use of critical space in the kitchen for practical family storage that can be hidden.

Island Seating

You might find that you often end up sharing your island workspace with school work or snacks. When all is said and done, tuck your seating under the island to keep your kitchen open.

Hidden Storage

Custom cabinetry allows for specialized items to be tucked away in a space designed for organization.

Accessible Appliances

When it’s appropriate, you can have some helping hands around the kitchen with a microwave appropriately placed for safe use.

There are many other ways you can explore customizing your kitchen for your family’s needs. Learn more about our kitchen design department here.

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