5 Kitchen Storage Hacks

5 ways Timber Barn kitchens are space efficient

The kitchen is a high-traffic workspace. It’s a quickdraw for cutlery and a sidestep for spices. Daydreaming of your new kitchen doesn’t often including factoring in the space between your coffee machine and the mugs.

Those details matter to us. Here are some storage hacks we build into our kitchens, so they work for your life, day in and day out.


1. Seizing corner space

Turn your corner into a space for large appliances. Inventive lazy susans offer the control to keep everything within reach and make use of those old, dark corners.

2. Mounting shelves

Use this space above your counters to incorporate your decor or practically place salt and pepper shakers, or mugs for quick access. Keep those counters decluttered!

3. Pulling out the pantry

Familiar with reaching to the dark corners of the pantry? Pull the pantry into the light and access items with ease. Coordinate the height of the shelves to fit your pantry needs.

4. Sliding out, dividing and stacking drawers

Drawers offer a lot of kitchen storage real estate. Simple efforts to install a double-tiered cutlery tray or divide sink compartments to maximize the space count in the long run. Consider organizing your dishes in drawers rather than on shelves.

5. Installing hydraulic cabinet doors

It’s true; cabinet use continues to get easier. These are also called parallel lift-up doors. They are great for challenging areas where the door needs to be completely out of the way.

This is only the beginning. We’ve created hideout space for loose leaf tea, newspapers, a pull-out for produce, and more.

But there’s so much more to storage. Do you have other storage hacks? Leave us a comment below!


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